Using Bloggers To Spread Your Message

As early as last year, I remember thinking how great it would be to partner with some PR professionals and be able to try out some new products or attend some events. I had been approached here or there for some random things but nothing that really interested me or would interest my readers. It seems in the last six months or so, many PR firms are realizing the power of the blog to spread a message.

Ketchum was at BlogHer this summer (as was I) and conducted a survey of its attendees. The findings showed that in order for the message to get across to the bloggers, the PR and marketing professionals need to do a bit of homework first.  From the report:

  • Take the time to read their blogs and understand their areas of focus. Many women bloggers said they would like to hear about news and products that better match their specific interests.
  • This applies to location, too. A number of respondents said they receive communications about products and events not available in their regions or even their countries.
  • Know that they are “more than their blog” – they have other roles in addition to being a mom or a blogger, say respondents, including jobs outside the home.
  • Similarly, don’t assume that all women bloggers are “mommy bloggers.”

With more women being the primary decision makers on consumer purchases, it makes sense for marketers to want to work with bloggers.  Kelly Skoloda, Director of Ketchum’s Global Brand Marketing Practice, adds, “Given that friends and family, offline and online, are the most credible sources of information when making a purchase decision and that many bloggers are now virtual friends with their readers and other bloggers, it behooves marketers to really listen to and respect the influence of female bloggers.”

This is only the beginning.

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