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I read an interesting article the other day about what type of social media has gained the most traction for small businesses.  It’s no surprise that Facebook is an area where most small businesses are finding success.  There are over 400 million users and over half of those log in daily (according to Facebook itself).   Fan pages are easy to set up and a good way to start to engage your audience.  But are we overlooking the power of a blog?

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Blogging hasn’t been widely adopted for companies and I think it is often overlooked.  It’s possible that because the effort required to keep a blog might be too much for some small business owners.  I could argue that it is worth the time.  Not only can you provide valuable content and establish yourself as an expert in your field, but it can bring great rewards.  You don’t want to forget that you want to drive traffic to your own hub, not someone else’s (like Facebook).  Here is an example from a study done by the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

In order to meet the growing challenges of a tough market last year, I was forced to consider alternative options to keep my business visible,” says small business owner Dr. Alan Glazier, CEO and Founder, Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care. “With a very small investment in social media marketing, I was able to generate new business opportunities. Our Google® ranking is consistently number one for many of the phrases people use to search for eye doctors in and around my city and we have received a “bump” in terms of new visitors to the site. My blog has been picked up by different news sources and led to media interviews. I am now recognized as a thought leader in social networking within my profession and lastly but most importantly, my marketing budget has been reduced by more than 80%.

Ready to give blogging a try?  Check out this post I wrote a couple of months ago:  Five Quick Tips for Business Bloggers.

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